real time wah-wah pedal control

Here is an idea, that I think all would enjoy, but not sure if anyone has tried this approach.

I do some programming, but I am still figuring out the source code for Audacity, so I leave this idea, with those that already are in the know.

There are great plugin effects for Audacity, one of those being a “ton” of wah-wah pedals… only problem is controlling them is pretty much left to automation… which is not always good.

So… let say we could “position” our cursor on an area of the screen ( a pic of a wah-wah pedal comes to mind )

and then use the WHEEL on the mouse to move the pedal up and down !!! in real time…

Without a better understanding of the source code, I think maybe a pop-up window might have to be used ??, but I don’t know.

It sure would be nice to have such an effect though.

Any comments or ideas are welcome

The first responder comment is that Audacity doesn’t do anything in real time. As close as it gets is allowing you to record a voice track while you play back the rhythm track. The programmers had to lie down for a while with a cold towel on their heads–and even then it doesn’t always work.

Posting after posting urges us to allow effects during recording. Most people barely achieve a straight recording with no effects, piling on the extra processing would kill them. Audacity Crashing is Not A Good Thing. If it does it in the wrong place or at the wrong time, it flushes the show.


Understand… and the Team, has done a great job… and cold towels hopefully help the Team, when code is flying everywhere.

There has to be someway, to make a plugin do this, I just wish I has more coding experience.

Think of this, angle … We can adjust the volume and pan of a track in “real time” … so …

“what if”, we could record a track at the same time it is playing… I think ya call it “sound on sound” . but the already recorded track is sent to the effect processor, then recorded on a new track, while yer tweaking the wah-wah pedal.

i.e. highlite the track … goto effects … choose “record to new track” … which in turn feeds it through the “real time wah-wah” effect, and then to the new track being recorded.

I’m pretty sure the the actual plug in would have to handle most of the routine, but Aidacity, would have to allow a “sound on sound” ( or sound with sound ?? ) option.

I don’t know yet, but I keep looking at the code, and some of the codes already released for plug-ins, maybe Ill find an answer

<<<Aidacity, would have to allow a “sound on sound” >>>

Oh, it does that now. On Windows machines, people routinely get stuck with echoes on their overdubbing recordings because they record their original track plus newly recorded voice and their real-time voice. So yes, that doesn’t bother anybody.

<<<We can adjust the volume and pan of a track in “real time”>>>

I doubt that. Audacity makes you change something and then applies the change. It has to recreate the “new” sound with the change incorporated. It doesn’t do that as you create the filter.

And remember UnDo? When do we perform that?


You might be able to sweet-talk Audacity into delivering the sound out of the computer to you to apply to the external analog box you’re going to build with the pedal on it, and then you deliver the modified sound back to the computer as a fresh recording track. It might give yoiu a headache to keep track of which track has what effect on it, but that would work. That’s essentially what happens now when you sing to a recorded rhythm track.


We can change volume and pan in real time :astonished: (though it’s not exactly “real time processing”).

Audacity 1.3.5
Load up a track and start it playing. Use the mouse to adjust the volume (or pan) sliders at the left side of the track, and the audio dutifully changes volume (or pan position).

If you really think that you have any chance of accomplishing this Pleeease give us something more useful than a Wah-Wha pedal - give us “real-time Eq.” (possibly the most useful feature that Audacity hasn’t got).

That would certainly be possible - all that would be needed (apart from the wah pedal) is some sort of splitter so that the audio can be monitored at the same time as being routed from Line out > Wha pedal > Line In.

Also, if Audacity ever works reliably with JACK, then real time processing becomes a reality - at least on Linux - by porting the audio out of Audacity through virtual cables, into software effects, and back into Audacity.