Real-time VST effects not being applied correctly to exported or mixed down files

Using Audacity 3.2.4 64-bit Windows 10. I have VST3 T-Racks 5 Classic EQ working real-time on a track as I play it. When I export the track as WAV, the resulting track is approx same length, same size but silent. When I mix and render to a new track within the project, the real-time effect is applied, but the first 17 seconds are silent (song picks up 17 seconds in, but not from start of track). Any help would be appreciated. This would be so helpful if it worked.

I too have experienced these problems with some VST3’s in Audcaity3, on W8:
either a silent render, or the render fades-in over a few seconds,
(or the effect takes a couple of seconds to kick-in when rendered ).

These problems seem to be plugin-specific.
Voxengo’s GEQ is a free 7 band EQ, works as advertised for me in Audacity3

Thanks. That’s worth looking into. Would like to have something more than 7-band though.

Sometimes a lot longer than “a couple of seconds” elapse before the effect kicks in…

Hello there! I’d like to reassure you that we have reproduced the bug internally, and created a bug ticket. You can see it here: TR5 Classic EQ insterts silence into renders if used in Real Time Effects Plugin Rack · Issue #5769 · audacity/audacity · GitHub

We shall decide on the priority, and try to fix it as soon as we can. Thank you so much for your report!

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