Real time Voice change software


I’m looking for a real time audio voice change softwareto use while streaming on twitch and similar to sound like an evil overlord

An example of what i like it sound like using audicity is here on youtube

you can jump to the 1 min mark to see the process

so Duplicate the audio steam , deepen Change pitch of audio for the second and 3rd audio stream, add echo

to be for a windows PC

i’m seen some programs such as screaming bee which have premade slection but none of them sound like what i want , i really need one that allows you to customise more

Also i want to have the choice to turn off me hearing the chaneged voice as listening to the echo can get confusing

Open to suggestions thanks for the help

Audacity won’t do real-time processing of a voice.

Keep looking.


A real-time VST host … VST Piano Plugin - #3 by Gale_Andrews

Add one of these free VST plugins to the real-time VST host …
DTBLKFX … DtBlkFx VST plug-in by Darrell Barrell, a free multi effect FFT VST plugin for Windows and Mac
MadShifta …

Yeah it to bad i cant use audicty in real time , its is soooo versatile