real time vocal removal

2.3.1 Windows 7 64bit. I watch/listen to car races and I would love to be able to get rid of the annoying announcers constant babbling, but I need to keep the track/car sounds. This is from a streaming service dvr’d recordings I am watching, so it is not a file I have. Is there a way to remove the vocals from these programs as they play and so I can play the audio on through my pc? Thanks for any ideas.

Audacity doesn’t do anything in real time other than Record, Play and Timer.

Even in post production—after the fact, Vocal Removal uses clever management of perfect Left and Right sound to do cancellation. Without the stereo show, we’re stuck.

So no, this is not the software for you.


…Depending on what you’re doing, this may not be worthwhile since some songs work better than others and you may need to know in advance if it’s going to work. And if you’re going to try it in advance there’s no big advantage to real-time.

Most [u]DAWs[/u] can apply real-time effects (Audacity is an audio editor, not a full DAW) or you can try a [u]VST Host[/u], and it should be easy to find a VST vocal remover plug-in.

There is a simple trick you can do with your speaker wiring - Connect the speaker between the left & right amplifier outputs with no ground. i.e. Connect the ‘+’ speaker wire to the right ‘+’ amplifier output and the ‘-’ speaker wire to the left ‘+’ amplifier output (or vice-versa). Or just disconnect the speaker grounds (or ‘-’ terminals) from the amplifier, but leave the two speaker grounds connected together. (This is for regular-old passive speakers… It may not work, or you may get excessive hum if you remove the ground from active/powered speakers.)

Of if you know any electronics it’s pretty easy to make a differential (difference = subtraction) amplifier with an op-amp. Back in the analog days I made a crude surround-sound system that that way with the vocals removed from the rear channels.