Real-time Reverb


I’m not sure if this question has been asked before, but I was wondering if it is possible to apply real-time reverb (on-the-fly) to my voice as I speak into a microphone. That is, I speak into a mic hooked up to my PC, and my voice comes out my speakers with a reverb effect applied. I also require that the effect by applied via software. I assume this can be easily done via hardware (probably how all stage performances are done) but I dont want to have to buy an actual piece of hardware.

Audacity doesn’t do anything in real time except record. It’s a post production editorial tool.


Oh, I am fully aware of Audacity’s capacity. But since this is a forum for all things audio, I thought the question was relevant. I am just looking for the name of some piece of software that can perform what I described, if it exists.

Such software does exist, but not for Audacity. As Koz has said, Audacity does not do “Real time” (though it is one of the most highly requested features).

For real-time effects you can use VST plug-ins with a suitable VST host program (Windows / Mac) or LADSPA plug-ins on Linux.
For just real time audio effects without recording, the easiest solution is to use a LADSPA reverb in JackRack and route the outputs of JackRack directly to the computer audio output (Linux only). On Windows, there are some software guitar processors that can do the job (such as “Waves GTR”).

This is the reason I prefer to use analog pedals along with my software, effects in these recording softwares just don’t compare to the real deal, it’s missing that Warm, Organic, Analog sound. Electro Harmonics makes a pedal called the Holy Grail that will get that done for you, and there is nothing wrong with mixing software with real analog pedals, as a matter of fact you’ll just achieve a better sound.