real time equalization?

Brand new user, just wasted an hour- trying to adjust equalization for listening to live band and other recording. Can’t figure out how to get a program installed to do this. Need detailed instructions, the ones on the FAQ do not work. For me at least.

Maybe I misunderstood… If you’re talking about fixing-up a “live” recording then you don’t need real-time EQ, and a few milliseconds of latency isn’t an issue.

Audacity doesn’t work in real-time. It’s an audio editor… It’s for editing digital audio files.

Most [u]DAWs[/u] can apply effects in real-time, but DAWs are mostly for recording & post-production mixing and they are not really designed for real-time use.

You can try searching for a “real-time VST host” and search for a VST EQ.

Any time you run audio through a computer you get latency (delay). Sometimes the delay can be minimized to an acceptable/unnoticeable level, but it’s something you might have to deal with.

For live use, I’d recommend a [u]hardware equalizer[/u], or your mixer may have some basic bass & treble or bass/mid/high EQ built-in.

For basic Bass / Treble boost or cut, you can use the Bass and Treble effect, which has “real-time preview”.

There are various VST equalizers available as free downloads from the net. Audacity supports real-time preview for VST effects.
I don’t use Windows, but see this post:

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