real time equalization?

Brand new user, just wasted an hour- trying to adjust equalization for listening to live band and other recording. Can’t figure out how to get a program installed to do this. Need detailed instructions, the ones on the FAQ do not work. For me at least.

Have a look at How to change or setup your sound equalizer on windows 10

Should you ever want to use a real-time equalization effect plugin in Audacity, where you can twiddle the effect knobs while listening to playback, try a VST plugin such as See How do I install VST plug-ins?.

Audacity cannot apply effects while recording.

On some systems, the built-in playback device does not have an Enhancements tab in Windows Sound. In that case, open the Windows Control Panel, Hardware and Sound section, and look for the sound device’s own control panel/Equalizer.


OK so I’ve downloaded a VST EQ program onto my computer. How do I get it onto Audacity? The ways I’ve tried have not worked. I needed detailed instructions, not leaving out any steps you may think are obvious, please.

Here is the link again: How do I install VST plug-ins?. In a nutshell, put the DLL file for the plugin in the Plug-Ins folder in your Audacity installation then enable the plugin at Effect > Add / Remove Plug-Ins… . Here is help with the Add / Remove Plug-Ins manager:

You must be using the current Audacity 2.1.2 from to follow those steps. You did not tell us your Audacity version (see the pink panel at the top of the page for how to check the version you have).

Note that Audacity will not recognise 64-bit VST plugins or VST3 plugins. They have to be 32-bit VST 2. They will be VST 2 unless they are explicitly described as VST 3, and will be 32-bit unless described as 64-bit.