real-time equalisation?

Hi… is there a way to set up the equalizer while in play-back, listening to the whole song, as if you were using analogue equipment, mixing music in a studio sound booth? (then apply the EQ curve to the song-data) … rather than the trial and error method I have been using, which takes several iterations.

No, there is only the limited “Preview”.

The “Bass and Treble” effect has “real time preview”.

The Equalization effect only has the short preview, though you can change the length of the preview in
“Preferences > PLayback > Effects Preview → Length”.

OK thanks… well I usually use Foobar player and mess around with the real-time EQ there and then just transfer the dB values over by eyeballing the Foobar EQ. Last year I remastered a whole bunch of “old rock band” tapes… and I couldn’t figure out why that also took a lot of iterations.
Well, last night I figured out the simple problem while re-doing Jimi Hendrix, Band of Gypsys, Machine Gun (which has terrible EQ ruining both the guitar and vocal… Hendrix had a lot of bad luck with poor techs on his live stuff) … anyway, I finally figured out that you have to double the Foobar EQ dB values and use them in the Audacity EQ and it works perfectly the first time. So a good result for me from our discussions about dB values the other day. I have no idea why Foobar is using the “3dB = x2” relation, but it doesn’t really matter as long as you know what is going on there.

There are several free real-time equalizer plug-ins which work in Audacity on Windows …

Have tried downloading the Voxengo but have a problem getting it to load into Audacity.

Things have changed in 4 years: the way Audacity(3) organizes plugin effects has been overhauled … Using realtime effects - Audacity Support