RE-Record or record over a track?

This seems like a noob question so forgive me, but how do you simply record over a new track. As in: “That was a bad take, let’s record that track again.”
Every time I try to position the cursor at the beginning of the track, and try to record again, it starts recording from the end of the last track instead of recording over what was previously done. Very frustrating.

In Audacity, you would record the new part into a new track. (“Shift + Record” or “Shift + R”).
The “bad” part of the original recording may be cut out with “Split Cut” or “Split Delete” (“Edit menu > Remove Special > Split Cut”

After re-recording the bad bit, trim off any excess, and use the Time Shift tool to slide the clips left/right so that they fit together time-wise. (

For “seamless” editing, you may need to “crossfade” the clips (see: