Re: Mixing Two Tracks


I’m not sure if this is possible?

I have two samples that mix together perfectly with DJ software. The samples are both 120 BPM. Although they are both the same tempo when I use them in LMMS as sample tracks they don’t blend together. Is there a way to make sure that both these files work together, even when they are separate?

I hope that makes sense?

Not really :wink:

What do you mean by “work together”?

By working together, I mean in time with each other.

Although they are both 120 BPM, I guess it still doesn’t mean they’ll mix in another program.
With DJ software you can nudge them so they beat match.

If the tracks have definite “notes” (pitch and key), then you would normally want them to be in the same key, or related keys.
If there are chord progressions, then you would normally want them to have the same chord progression.
If they have different rhythms, then you need them to have rhythms that work together.
All of the above require an understanding of how music works, and is unrelated to software.

In Audacity you’ll have align them in-sync manually with the time shift tool

Viewing the spectrograms, rather than waveforms, can make that alignment easier.

Thanks for your responses.

I will try and sync them manually with ‘time shift tool’. Not sure how this will help in LMMS though!

Trust me…they mix perfectly together. I’ve been mixing vinyl for the last 30 years.

I think the issue could lie within LMMS. You can’t adjust the pitch and tempo of an individual track in the song editor, like in FL Studio…it only does the whole song.

I guess you get what you pay for…and that’s taking nothing away from LMMS. I think LMMS is an excellent piece of software :smiley: