RE: Effects

Can anyone tell me if there any effects that Audacity uses, to make the piece more fluid/flowing. It sounds alittle choppy ( staccato ) - I’m looking for more a glissando effect.

:neutral_face: Thanx - Gregg

Reverberation sustains notes, but won’t alter their pitch glissando-style.
There are many “reverb” effect plug-ins which can be used with Audacity, some are free …

If you really mean glissando, not reverb, some VSTi (instruments) have glissando effects
but Audacity is incompatible with VSTi plugins. You’ll need another Audio editor if you want to use those.

Oops forgot about “tracker” VST effect which can change staccato to glissando …

Free tracker plugin here …

How do I get the tracker VST effect?

You have to download the plugin from ,then install the plugin into Audacity …[b]How_do_I_install_VST_plug-ins[/b].3F

NB: the tracker is an just an oscillator which attempts to follow the frequency of your recording , so it is a simple synthesised sound, e.g. sine-wave or square-wave or saw-wave. If your original track was say someone singing the tracker version sounds nothing like singing …

Is there any documention on how to use the vst tracker? It didn’t work the way I thought it would.

Gregg :question: have some (not much) documentation on their website.

this is it …

Create two new tracks. Copy and move to 1 track and shift it forward a tick or two. On the 2nd new track shift a tick or two before the original. This will create a way to fill in the gaps of the ‘rests’ that makes a sound staccato.