Re: Editing Samples for Use in LMMS


After looking on the Internet, it appears that Audacity is the best tool for creating loop samples from tracks.

I have quite a few samples in .wav format. How can I make sure of the BPM before using them in LMMS?

If I add one of the samples into LMMS it overlaps the notes box. I can then drag the sample so it fits into the box and in turn it reduces the BMP. How can I make sure it is a certain BPM before using it in LMMS?


How can I make sure of the BPM

I don’t know that there is a foolproof way to read Beats Per Minute from a sound file. The problem is not simple songs with a 4/4 thumping disco beat. The problem is fancy songs with back beats, syncopation and occasional theme and no rhythm segments. There’s no reliable way to measure those without actually counting while you look at the clock.