Raw files

I know that if you enter raw data, you’ll probably get a bunch of white noise. But does anybody know a picture file that has a song in it? Thank you! :smiley:

Every picture file has a song in it, just as any song has a picture in it…

Here’s a Youtube video that is becoming a hype. It has hidden messages, like sound in pictures and pictures in sound. I’ve had a short try decoding in Audacity, but decided that it was better handled by crowd sourcing :smiley:


Some sort of horror-movie promo ? …

Or gaming? That was my guess too. The video seems to be from Poland (“this video was created in Poland in abandoned sanatorium building in Otwock town.”), language used is Spanish. The rest doesn’t make sense immediately.

Did you find the text in the picture with Audacity?

I’ve tried to find something, but failed. Can’t seem to find the right settings. But then, I’ve spent only an hour or so looking.

You have to increase the resolution on the Audacity spectrogram from the default setting of 256 to 4096 , (or thereabouts) , to show the details …
increase Audacity spectrogram resolution.png

Aha! Thx, Trebor.

I fiddled around with resolution, then reckoned you probably needed a precise resolution. And I figured they probably wouldn’t use a “standard” resolution :smiley: