Raw Data Interpretation, Audacity

Can you provide information on how Audacity interprets raw data (for example, graphics/image), upon its importation? I did not see it in the documentation. I am interested in how Audacity accomplishes this. What is analyzed within the data - example, hex values, edges, contrasts/color?

Audacity doesn’t “interpret” graphic images.

The RAW Import dialog windows has settings for the binary data format. For example, it allows you to tell Audacity to read the 1s and 0s as signed 8 bit integers. In this example, Audacity would read each group of 8 bits as a signed 8-bit value, and create one sample for each 8 bit value.

Does this help? [u]Digital Audio Fundamentals[/u]. If you zoom-in you can see the individual samples (i.e. 44,100 samples per second).

Or the [u]Spectrogram View[/u]?