Rare behaviour with chains

I use Audacity 2.2.1 into UbuntuStudio 16.04.3 LTS.

I discovered a rare behaviour with chains, I don’t know if it happened before:

When I use some recorded chain (automatic script or batch commands) and I want to edit it and/or rename it… some another recorded chain is erased and lost.

Is it only a local (my installation) issue??? or… Is it a mayor bug???

From Chile

It’s not a bug that I’m aware of. Are you able to give step by step instructions for how to reproduce the issue?

Well… Let’s say:

  1. Create a chain (normalize, filter, equalization…, whatever you want).

  2. Save the chain (any name).

  3. Create other chains (maybe the same effects, but with difference parameters).

  4. Save all the chains you want to create.

  5. You can see the list of al the chains you created.

  6. Then… click on any chains from the list and edit or rename one of the chains you created before.

When you finish to edit the chain and you save it, then you could see that some other of the created chain, from the list of chains, disappears from the list… and it is lost forever!!!

From Chile.

The in is saved when the Chain editor window is closed.
Are you trying to create multiple Chains without closing the editor?

How exactly are you doing that? There isn’t a “Save” button (but perhaps it would be less confusing if there was).