Rank beginner-split tracks?

Win7 + Audacity 2.0.2 from .exe

I searched FAQ’s and the tutorial but had no idea what keyword to use to search the docs.

I have meditation CD’s that normally arrive with 2 separate FLAC files: a ‘Dive’ and an ‘Immersion’. I would then convert the FLAC format to ALAC and xfer to the iPod. The company recently figured out how to maintain the recording quality with compression and just started providing downloads from their site in mp3 format. The problem being each download is called CD1, 2, … and the Dive and Immersion are combined as 1.

I need to split the two so as to allow for the opportunity of replaying the immersion of the particular series after playing the sequence of Dive–>Immersion. I loaded the track in Audacity and think I see the split between the two tracks but I’m not absolutely sure. I checked the track preference to enable cut lines thinking that would automatically stick a line where the 2 tracks joined but it doesn’t.

How can I find that position?


All “Cut Lines” does is put a vertical line in the track where you have used the Cut command. Clicking the cut line restores the cut audio.

Audacity cannot tell where the “join” between different sounds is unless there is some silence or low level audio between them. If that is the case, try Analyze > Silence Finder (try setting “Minimum duration of silence” very low).