Randomized selection

    1. Audacity will create random stripes of various width to select the sound; you can randomize the pattern.
  1. Creating a spiral shape to select the sound. You can place a spiral to select the spiral shape of the sound.

  2. Holding CTRL and clicking the mouse on the sound, you can select many chunks of the sound in the same time

These features will give more control to sound selection.

Does it have a practical use? Seems more like a “curiosity” without any actual, practical purpose.
See this topic for one approach: Reverso

More control and yes a curiosity.

Your Archimedean spiral is chopping the audio into equally-sized equally-spaced chunks.
Tremolo/Vibrato on Tremolo can do that …

If the chunks are small, (<100ms), a granulator plugin will chop & randomise them …
https ://bedroomproducersblog.com/2012/03/30/bpb-freeware-studio-best-free-granulator-vstau-plugins/

These selection types could be useful to separate inverted selected sound.

How do I create in Audacity randomized and archimedian selections such as the ones shown? Is it a filter, plugin, menu item…?

The spiral thing is a feature-request which does not exist.

I know of one stand-alone Windows program which will ~shuffle chunks of audio …