Random tracks dissappear?!

Hi everyone!

I finished working on a five-month-long project with Audacity last evening, and I saved everything feeling very satisfied with it. Today, I opened it up and tried to silence a track, but Audacity quit. “This is fine,” I thought to myself. However, when I opened everything up again (both recovered and saved), each track had a 0.8% playback speed (that I need to CTRL+Click to remove) and all of the timing information relative to each track was gone! I was really annoyed, but now I’m in the process of re synchronizing everything.

Now, the part that I can’t understand - when I finished synchronizing some tracks, I saved them, then proceeded to work on the next part for the next few minutes, until Audacity crashed. Then, I reopen the saved file with the synchronized tracks in it, and they are gone! Some tracks consistently stay, whereas some tracks are consistently gone. I have some backups (that I saved after the main .aup3 file), and they are completely there but have disappeared in the main file.

I’m running Audacity on GNU/Linux Fedora. Please help, I’m beyond anger at this point (in French, we have an expression called en colere). No, I’m not on a network drive.

Thanks for your help.

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Same here but my Audacity didn’t quit i just quit regularly without saving the project, but when I opened the past save many tracks in the project are completely dis-synchronized, cut incorrectly and are in the wrong sample rate.

This is the worst problem I ever had with Audacity, and two days work are gone…
I’m on Windows 11 Home.