Ramped tempo increase or decrease

how can I make a ramped tempo increase or decrease in an audio track, without changing the pitch?
I use Audacity 3.3.3 on Linux.
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Effect > Pitch and Tempo > Sliding Stretch

Thank you.
In reality, beyond a certain value, the timbre of the sound changes.
But for small tempo changes, the distortions aren’t audible (at least I don’t hear them). Is that it?


Stretching sound (Changing the pitch independently from the tempo, or vise verse) is very complex and impossible to do “perfectly”. Even expensive, state of the art sound stretching effects sound weird when stretching a lot. Audacity’s Sliding Stretch effect is better than most other free sound stretching effects (let me know if you find a better one :wink:

I inserted a “ritardando” in a section of an audio track using:
Effect > Pitch and Tempo > Sliding Stretch
There is a problem: at the beginning and at the end of the section I hear a soft “click”, why?

Yes. You can reduce the click at the start by modifying your selection with Select > At Zero Crossings. See: Select Menu: At Zero Crossings - Audacity Manual.

If you need better than that you could start the ritardando a tenth of a second earlier and splice it in manually.

The click at the end may be a little trickier to deal with. I suppose a lot has to do with what follows, so you are going to have to get creative here. A part of the solution might include Effect > Special > Reverse.

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