Radio/Walkie Talkie Effect


Is there a way to create an over the radio talking effect?

Like heard in the first seconds of this video:

I’ve tried some techniques but the results weren’t close to that.

Any help is appreciated.

I did something like that by getting really close to a microphone and then compress the heck out of it. Apply the “telephone” filters and you got it. Tune for effect. Not all radios sound like this, and remember this test has none of the other trash, hiss, and crashing in the background. The original person I did this for had his own helicopter noise that he was going to add.

So start by talking really close to the microphone and don’t worry about distortion.

Apply Effect > Leveler in Audacity 1.3. This is a brute force compressor and it’s pretty much perfect in the higher settings.

Then High Pass Filter set to about 300 Hz and Low Pass Filter set to 3000 Hz. Tune those two for the telephone and squeezed audio effect.


You may have to apply the leveler more than once.


Thank you, just what I was looking for.

I cant find “leveler” in version 1.3.14 beta how can I make this effect in my version. thanx

It should be in the “Effect” menu.
If it’s not, please list all of the effects that are in the Effect menu.