Radio reporter needs help!


I’m trying to transition away from Audition, and there’s a point I’m stuck on.

In Audition, I would often open ~20 files, which would appear in a panel on the lefthand side of the screen. From these files, I would “pull cuts” and paste them into a unique file that I’d go on to use for a radio piece.

The process is flawless in Audition, and I want to copy it in Audacity.

The difference, I believe, is that these files weren’t part of the same “project”, as is the case with Audacity.

Is there a way to open multiple files in the same project, without those files appearing all together on the editing panel?

Deep thanks in advance!

You can drag-n-drop files individually, (or in a group), from a folder, then move them using the time-shift tool …
drag-n-drop, then time-shift.gif