Quick Way to Get Loudness Stats?

In Adobe Addition, I can simply highlight some audio, and open the Amplitude statistics window, and get a ton of info on that audio, including LUFS, RMS, peak level, etc. I can do the same in RX with the Waveform Stats tool.

Is there anything similar I can do for Audacity? Perhaps a 3rd-party plugin? I know I can use the YouLean plugin, but for that I have to play the entire file. So for a 15 minute podcast, that’s a long wait. I would like instantaneous (well a second or three anyway) deets on my audio. Anyone know of anything like that?



BTW, this is Windows 10 and Audacity 3.1

[u]dpMeter[/u] is similar to youlean (and also free) and it can quickly scan the file without playing it.

The [u]ACX Check plug-in[/u] gives you peak & average, but not LUFS.

GoldWave ($50 USD) has something similar to Audition (but it doesn’t show RMS).

It would be nice to build this in… ACX Check is “close” and Audacity already has Loudness Normalization (LUFS) built-in, so it wouldn’t take much more to report the existing LUFS.

Thanks Doug. Yeah, I have ACX Check. I was hoping there would be something that would offer more stats, including LUFS.


ACX-Check was designed to report (wait for it) ACX Audiobook Requirements. They use RMS, not LUFS.

Interestingly, it also reports noise which ACX’s own on-line testing doesn’t. Awkward, since many home readers fail noise.

We also post Audiobook Mastering which, if you use the Macro form, produces a conforming show in one tool. It is said that if you can pass the audiobook specifications, you can post anywhere with at most, a slight adjustment in volume.