Quick move to beginning of recording on the second track

I have Windows 7 - My Audacity version is 2.0.5 - .exe installer

I have just started to use Audacity and being 80 years old I must apologise if my questions are naïve! To plough through the manual means I could be dead before I find the answer!!

I record side 1 of an LP and then when I record side 2 it is on a separate track. When I want to clean up the second track I have difficulty in getting to the beginning of the track. When I try I go right back to the beginning of track 1. Is there a short cut to the beginning of track 2? Any help would be greatly appreciated - and if you could use words of one syllable they would help also!!


Click just above the MUTE button on the second track. Audacity’s focus and attention should now be entirely on track two.

Next time you do a transfer, get to the end of side one and Pause [P] the recording. Unpause it and continue recording. Another even simpler option is just leave it running when you flip the record over. You’re going to post-produce and cut this thing up anyway, right? Of course I wouldn’t do that and then forget and go to the Tesco/7-Eleven for a Big Gulp or something. My office has a real analog kitchen timer to help with that. GRAAAAACK! tick tick tick tick tick DING!

Another option is Stop Dead at the end of track one and pick it up again later with "Append Recording,’ Shift-R. That will give you one single track.

You could, if you’re adventurous enough, select the entire bottom track and copy/paste it to the end of track one. “x” delete track two. I would save my show as a Project before I did that.

You know Audacity doesn’t Save sound files, right? You have to File > Export to get a WAV file. Wave files are good for dropping into a CD burner program. Stay away from MP3.


Hi Koz

Thanks for the info. I seem to have various options and I shall give them a whirl on my next recording session.

Thanks again - it is most appreciated.

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