Questions Regarding IsoMod

To create proper isochronic tones, must you generate a new tone with the frequency/hz as 90, as well as setting the amplitude to 0.6? If not, then would be advised? When mixing isochronic tones together with binaural beats, what is the best amplitude for each of them? Could anybody help me with this?

There is some information about Isomod here:

Thanks for replying. Im familar with the article, but it doesn’t say anywhere what frequency to use or the amplitude. Do you have any tips? The question I’d like to recieve an answer from, is do you have to create a 90 hz tone, before using isomod, or can you use any other frequency?

The claims for brainwave entrainment are not scientifically substantiated. I try to keep an open mind about such things.
There is some information about brainwave entrainment on Wikipedia: Brainwave entrainment - Wikipedia

I need to understand the difference between generating a Sine Tone and then using IsoMod to add frequency. What I am doing to create a Pure Isochronic Tone is using IsoMod and selecting the frequency of Beta (15hz - 40hz), Alpha (8hz - 14hz), Theta (4hz - 8hz) etc., in the Initial and Final Modulation Frequencies. However the original Tone frequency can be anything I want. 528HZ, 200HZ or 10HZ. How do all of these differ if the Initial and Final Modulation Frequencies remain the same. Please help!!!