Questions About Capabilities of Audacity

Can you record with two separate microphones at the same time? For example if I was recording a podcast with myself and another person, could we each use our own microphone. Additionally, would this produce one audio file or two separate ones?

Can you take audio files from zoom and edit them?

You can record 2 mics only if you’re using an interface which has 2 mic inputs. You cannot use 2 separate USB mics or something like that.

In case of a zoom call, it typically is easiest to get the zoom recording as the basis for editing, though it may be lower quality. For a high quality recording, everyone would need to record their own mic locally, send the recorded file to the editor, and then the editor would need to sync things up.

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Audacity will only record from one “thing.” If that thing is a stereo microphone interface such as a Focusrite Scarlett 2i2, then you can plug both microphones into the 2i2 and the show will arrive as a stereo production with one microphone on the left side and the other on the right. Split them into two mono channels in Audacity and edit them as you wish.

No, you can’t walk up to the computer and plug two microphones in.

Please note that unless you have a really quiet room with no echoes, the two performers will leak into each others’ microphones making editing really interesting.

Depending on your Zoom license, you can get Zoom to record your performances and give you audio files for editing. Trying to record a Zoom meeting by yourself at home is a career move. Post back if you get something to work.

Your microphone is one thing and the Zoom sound is a second thing. Audacity will only record from one thing.

There are some tricks to record this at home, but if you have a long show, you might get two sound tracks with different lengths and the two performers drifting out of sync.

This isn’t easy.

One of the tricks is set Zoom for no microphone, free air conversation. (Use the microphone in your laptop). Set your phone in the middle and record the room. Make sure you can transfer the sound file from your phone. On iPhone, use Lossless Voice Memo.


A Zoom note: The host of the meeting needs to have an advanced license. If you both have free licenses, your meeting will be limited to 40 minutes. I think there’s also a limit to how Zoom will record. I’m fuzzy on that one.