Question to the experts ... Speech coding algorithm

Good day! I have a question for speech coding specialists, maybe someone knows the answer. I suggest you listen to two samples of coded speech in Russian. Does anyone know how to make a simple audio recipe step by step the same? What is the conversion algorithm? Thank you

Looks like the spectrum has been inverted.
and it’s been chopped into 50ms chunks, which have been shuffled*.
( * presumably shuffled in an algorithmic way, so it can be decoded )

And can you demonstrate it by your example, how to do it on Audacity, if of course time allows you?
I am not an expert in this.

Is it possible for Audacity to write / create such an effect?

There is an opinion that such a speech encoding decrypts our subconscious.

I think it would be possible using Audacity’s Nyquist prompt,
But, to decrypt the examples you have you’d need to find out the shuffling algorithm which was used.

Scrambled audio is like a Rorschach inkblot-test,
where people’s subjective interpretation of an almost random pattern reveals their biases.

NB: the original meaning of the audio will not be comprehensible after frequency-inversion & shuffling.

Thank you very much for your answer. Could you suggest ways of masking audio-speech in music and audio signals, in audio noise? At what frequencies should audio be recorded for better masking?

Re: “masking audio-speech in music”,
If you are trying to completely-hide speech added to music, the magic-word is steganograpy

If you’re looking for a subliminal way of transmitting a spoken message in music, you’re flogging a dead-horse, IMO.
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