Question on multiple tracks

When I work on multiple tracks and I have to select one to add effects or to delete, all the others are also selected and consequently they are also deleted or the effects applied to all the tracks enter. What can I do ?

You dont say if multiple Mono or Stereo.
If mono you can select individual tracks,OR all of track OR portions of it and edit it all or portions of it
If Stereo you can only select both tracks…except you Split the tracks to mono and then edit as above.
To get back to stereo after edit select both split tracks and then Mix & Render…both are then joined as stereo.

Good morning, thank you for the reply. I already tried to separate in mono tracks but nothing changed, even if they are mono now. What happen is that , when I select for example a portion of one track and I need to work on it, automatically in all the other tracks there appear some clock shapes and everything I do one the track I want it occurs also on the others…

If stereo you can split tracks.
if Mono you cannot further split mono tracks.
If mono you can Make Stereo track iin menu lft of track or at top tracks mix and render…select 2 adj tracks.
You can select several individual tracks or just 1 track
Do above from menus at Left of the track.
To select a portion of a single mono track … drag horizontal on the blue wave lines. Don’r drag diagonally across several tracks.
Im not sure what the clock shapes are…but maybe some process is “hanging” and cannot complete
Do “Tools… Reset Configuration” to bring your settings back to basics.
What are the labels on your tracks are they mono or stereo… post screenshot

I did “reset configuration” and now it works great! Now I can work on separate tracks. Thank you so much for the help!

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