Question marks on device labels

I have an install of 2.1.0 on a windows 7 machine. I have a Creative USB Sound Blaster as my audio device. When I pull down the input and output lists, most of my devices have “???” at the beginning.
For example, when the line should say “Microphone [USB SOUNDBLASTER]” , instead it shows “??? [USB SOUNDBLASTER]”. Same for other lines. Some lines will have the actual letters in front like “SPDIF [USB SOUNDBLASTER]”.

Assuming this has something to do with language packs maybe in windows. Hopefully someone has seen this before and can recommend because I have uninstalled probably 10 times and have changed every language or locale setting I could find.


Are you using a non-English version of Windows?
We’ve seen this on computers that were purchased in Eastern Europe / Asia and if I recall correctly, changing Audacity’s language setting will have no effect on this because the names are being read from the underlying system.

It is English version of windows but I think it also supports Chinese characters. Audacity was initially showing Chinese characters.

Everything else in windows shows in English.

You could try setting the Windows “system locale”.
Alternatively, if you have the “host” setting in the device toolbar set to “WASAPI”, try setting it to “MME”.