Question for musicians about reverb

I use Audacity for recording sax and sometimes vocals .Being new to recording and computer unwise, I’m fumbling around experimenting with the settings. The reverb effect seems pretty capable but quite frankly it does confuse with all the variable options. Has anyone here used that effect to record saxophone with good results , and if so what settings seem to work for you ? It seems like some of the factory presets get close to what I want but not quite there. Maybe my request is too vague and if so is there a good tutorial for using the reverb settings that could be recommended? Thanks all.

There are many free reveb plugins which work in Audcaity in realtime,
so you can adjust the settings to taste while the track plays, e.g.

Verberate Basic [simple]
Valhalla Super Massive - Valhalla DSP [complicated]

ProTip: Ducking is used on reverb in professional recordings,
so there is less reverb when a note is loud, so its attack is less blurred by the reverb.

There are reverb plugins which have ducking builtin

I’m not a musician…

There are tons of reverb plug-ins but they don’t all support Audacity.

Plate reverbs were standard in pro studios in the 60s, 70s, and 80s, basically until digital took-over, and there are plug-ins that emulate plate reverbs.

Acoustic echo chambers (with a speaker & microphone) were also fairly common. There’s one in the basement (or in the ground below the basement) at the famous Capital Studios building in L.A. That can also be emulated in software.

There are impulse response (“IR”) reverbs that that can duplicate the sound of a real space (such as a concert hall) or the sound of any artificial reverb.

IMO - It’s easy to get carried away and over-do it. A little reverb sounds good, so you add a little more, and then a little more, and then next day it doesn’t sound so great.

The the natural reverb in a concert hall sound unnatural coming from a pair of speakers in your living room.

Some people turn-down the reverb to where it’s not really noticeable, but so “something’s missing” when you turn it off completely.

You can’t remove the short-quick reverb-reflections that come from recording “at home” in an untreated space.

…If you’re wearing the producer hat, you can do whatever you want!

It comes with 10 presets: Reverb - Audacity Manual

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