Question: Exporting spectrograms for sound art

Hello! I am an artist that works with visual representations of sound and have also used Audacity for sound editing. I was wondering if it’s possible to export the spectrogram of an entire recording as a high resolution image file. I’ve noticed that seems to have full recording spectrograms that seem like they have been generated by Audacity (they rely on Audacity for editing a lot of the recordings posted over there), but I couldn’t find much Audacity technical info on their forums.

Can anyone help me out? I’m new to the forums and a novice user of Audacity, so apologies if my question is not very clear.

I moved this to the Mac board because this is not about the appearance of the Audacity interface.

Do you want to save an image of the Analyze > Plot Spectrum window, or of the track displaying in Spectrogram view?

For either, you can use Mac screen capture tools or your favourite image capture utility. You may have to get rid of unwanted borders if you use the Mac built-in tools. Preview has some image editing ability.

You can also use Help > Screenshot Tools… in Audacity. Use “Capture Window Only” if you want Plot Spectrum, or one of the tracks buttons if you want the Spectrogram.

If you have more questions, please tell us your version of Audacity (all three numbers, please see the pink panel at the top of the page).


SoX can produce nice spectrograms.

Here’s an example using the command:

sox "name-of-audio-file" -n spectrogram


It is possible to insert images & text into a spectrogram …
You’ll need other software to do that, [metasynth ?].