question about recording with two mics with the aggregate

(im using audacity 2.0.5 and mac osx 10.5.8)

when recording using two ATR2100-usb mics with the aggregate mic through the audio midi setup, I choose “aggregate device” for recording in audacity, then there are 4 choices next to that for “input channels” the first three choices:

1(mono)input channel
2(stereo)input channels

only “4” works(the other 3 choices dont record with both mics, just one), it records with both mics as 4 seperate mono audio tracks, 2 for each mic. i need to edit a lot, so i want them to record MONO on the same track, so when i cut out a piece of one, i dont have to cut it out of the other 3. I tried deleting one of each mics 2 tracks(from 4 total to 2), but i was left with one stereo of the Left with one mic and one stereo of the RIght with the other mic.

I could join each mics two tracks to one stereo track each, making it seperate stereo tracks for each mic, but then i think editing would be a nightmare. I already tried highlighting both tracks, copying and pasting them but its pretty hard and just making me go crazy!

How can I make them into one track? please help!

As near as I can tell, it’s a straight mono microphone.

You should do a test in Audacity. Plug just one microphone in and restart Audacity. Use the device drop-down (microphone symbol) and select the microphone. Audacity will (last time I looked) not cross mono/stereo. See which one works with your microphone.

If it’s mono, then Aggregate Device should give you a mono signal with both microphones on it. I can’t tell where you’re getting all these options from.


For the recordings you already have, you could Edit > Select All, then use Tracks > Stereo Track to Mono.