Question about Recording audio from an AM/FM radio only

Hello I was wondering how I can record the PSB-7 with Audacity using a 3.5mm Headphone and Microphone Plug Adapter. I only want to record the PSB-7 audio by itself through Audacity with no background noise like people talking or dogs barking over the Audio. I know there are settings on Audacity to do that with the plug adapter but just wondering if yawl can tell me the correct settings for that? Not sure if i have to have it on Windows Wasp. I’m using Windows 10. (If that has to do with that). MME or Windows Direct Sound. And have the other bar on mono recording channels or stereo recordings. The PSB-7 is a Spirit Box/AM/FM Radio. I just only want to record audio from the little Radio only. I’ll send some pictures. My cousin had it set up right but I can’t remember how it was set up. Would appreciate some help thanks.


Hello I was wondering how I can record the PSB-7 with Audacity using a 3.5mm Headphone and Microphone Plug Adapter.

If you have a desktop/tower computer connect the radio’s headphone-out to your soundcard’s line-in. Then select line-in as your [u]recording device[/u].

If you have a laptop you can try connecting to the mic input, and then select “external mic” (or whatever it’s named on your computer) as your recording device. But, the mic input is usually mono and it’s a bad match for a headphone so you may not get good quality. Do you need stereo? Does quality matter in this application? You’ve got lots of noise anyway, right? …So maybe quality doesn’t matter.

If you need better quality on a laptop you’ll need a USB audio interface with line inputs, such as the Behringer UCA202.

If you have a newer laptop, it’s very likely you have a microphone connection (Mic-In—generally pink) and not a stereo entertainment connection.

This is for the millions of users on Skype, Google-Chat or Games with headsets. The four people who need to transfer stereo cassettes, music systems or radios are generally out of luck.

Some laptops do convert that connection back and forth between all the services. Consult your instructions. Most of the time, you get noisy, distorted sound. Even if you do capture in stereo (two blue Audacity waves) you may find if you inspect them carefully, they’re the same thing and it’s Stereo Left on both tracks and no Right.

I did it with the UCA-202 Stereo USB adapter. That’s how I record my stereo sound mixer.

That’s for real. That will let me record any stereo device like a cassette machine, music system, radio, sound mixer, etc. etc with good quality and low distortion and it should do it on all three computer types.