Question About Editing

I have a problem that I can’t locate an answer to despite quite a bit of looking. I’m working on editing an audiobook file, which has background music added at certain points to heighten the experience. I’m trying to separate out the background music so I can focus solely on the narrator’s reading. I, unfortunately, do not have a studio version of either the narrator or the background music to work with. Is there a way to separate the two things (narrator and background music) into distinct tracks without access to studio versions?

Everything I’ve found on the subject seems to focus on inversion as the means to achieve my desired result. Unfortunately, most of what I’ve read suggests I need studio recordings of what I’m trying to drop for that process to work. Any advice or suggestions would be most appreciated.

If the show is either a mono track (one blue wave) or two-track mono (two blue waves, but they match) you’re stuck.

If it’s a full stereo track with the vocal in the middle and stereo music left and right, then you may be able to use Vocal Isolation tools. I believe those are experimental, so that’s your search term.


Here’s one hit.

Sorry. Partial hit.