Query since 3.2.4

I have only been using Audacity for 6 months and only use it to record vinyl, but since upgrading to 3.2.4 have have noticed a difference.

When i apply click removal i set the sliders to nearly most sensitive and it goes through the motions but no clicks are removed, i had no problem before.

Also when i record and set the Audio Setup to my headphones the recording is very distorted sounding like you are plying it very loud though some very cheap speakers, but when i set the Audio Setup to in-line everything is fine.


Yes, if you set the Threshold to zero, this seems to result in a no operation which is incorrect. The developers have been advised of this error. See here: https://github.com/audacity/audacity/issues/4273

I did not see a regression issue here. Which version were you using before?

Audacity’s Click Removal effect is very old and quite limited. It can work reasonably well removing clicks that occur in gaps between tracks on vinyl recordings, but it’s very poor at removing clicks where there are also sounds playing. The problem is that it is a very simple algorithm that looks (only) for short peaks that have higher amplitude than the surrounding audio.

There are other apps that produce excellent results with vinyl click removal.

I used ClickRepair when I digitized my LPs and singles - but sadly it appears to be no longer commercially available.
See this sticky thread: https://forum.audacityteam.org/t/click-pop-removal-clickrepair-software/1933/1

GoldWave and Gnome Wave Cleaner (IIRC this one is Linux only) are also known to produce good results.