quantizing (timing)

Is anything in the works to make quantizing available for Audacity?

Can you be more specific? What exactly are you trying to achieve?


I’d like to be able to quantize the instruments I lay down so they perfectly match the drums which are quantized to a variety of note durations. ie. 16th, 8th, 1/4, etc. I’d sure love to quit doing it by hand with every single note. Thanks,

Mike Gravelin

Evidently there are no plans to incorporate quantizing for Audacity. Oh Well.

The closest thing in Audacity to what you are looking for is probably “Beat Finder”. This tool tries to work out where the beats are in a piece of music, based on the amplitude of the signal, and places a label at each beat. However, it is easily confused by pauses in the music, or any change from a regular beat.

Another tool that may be useful is “Regular Interval Labels” (Not available in 1.2.x), which will place labels at intervals you specify. It might make it easier to line up the notes to the beat.


Hi, I just want to make a post saying that I’m interested in this feature. I don’t believe Audacity supports anything resembling a quantize feature and I am considering taking this in as a project. Could you please tell me if you’ve found any alternatives or similar features? Perhaps any information you discovered while searching?

If you’re interested in the project, I will do what I can to keep everyone informed on my progress.

See the previous post by Irish.

There is the click track feature! Could try that?
Click Track.png

There’s a new plug-in available for Audacity 1.3 called Beat Per Minute labels. (available here: https://forum.audacityteam.org/t/beat-per-minute-labels/20785/1 )
It creates a label track with bars and beats marked at the tempo specified. When dragging an audio clip to a label position, labels are slightly “magnetic” so the audio clip will tend to snap to the label position.

Not getting it to snap to the labels…some help would be most welcome :slight_smile:

Attempting to edit some disco intro/outro for mixing :slight_smile:

The “snapping” to label positions only occurs at the edge of an audio clip. It is quite subtle snapping, but there is a visual indication of when the edge of the audio clip is lined up, which is a vertical yellow line, as shown here: