Quality Voice Changer

Hello Everyone

I am looking for quality offline software that can convert a male voice to female.
I am a master story teller.
I have been told I have an awesome product, but I can’t seem to find a quality voice changer software. So consequently the story content is incredible but the audio quality is horrible. Let me over-emphasize I don’t use offline products.
Any suggestions?

AI is advancing everyday but that kind of thing is normally done by voice actors.

Best I’ve heard is speech-to-speech from eleven labs (AI)

Forgive me everyone.
I forgot to add this.
I have no intention of ever using AI for anything.
I don’t want to go down that road of justifying why.

So you’re not. You’re a master writer/author. It’s the story-teller part that doesn’t work right.

“Make Me Sound Like” is one of the list of questions with no good answers. Also see: “Help Me Clean Up” and “Recover My Show.”

You would think Pitch Change software would fit right in. It doesn’t. Not all the tones in a voice change from person to person. If my little sister and a big bruiser man whispered to you, you would not be able to tell who was who. But the instant they said something, it would be instantly obvious.

Why don’t you want us to try and work with your natural voice?



I am not quite following.
A man (at least no man I know) can’t make his voice sound exactly like a 6 year old girl.
I can do older men and women pretty good. But not children.

forgive me guys have not been on a forum in a while.

I believe you that your stories are killer … on paper. But your voice recordings aren’t up to snuff so you want to change your vocal sex?

I’m not sure where to go with that.

I think we have a much better chance to fix your recording than convert your sex.


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