[Q] Removing beeps from audio

I have a sound recording, with beeps every second.
I tried Audacity’s noise removal, by selecting a “beep only” area as niose profile. It did nothing to the beeps, though it removed a lot of noise.

Any idea how to remove those beeps?

You mean you selected one of the beep waveforms by itself for the Profile, right?? When you applied that to a show segment with a beep in it, the beep should have gone to almost zero with some damage to the rest of the show. That’s not what you got?

Starter noise removal settings top to bottom:

By the way, even if you do succeed, you will probably get a hole where the beep is. The possibility of recovering the conversation clean is very low.


alternatively find out the frequencies of the bleep using analyze, “plot spectrum”
then use a notch filter at those frequencies … http://manual.audacityteam.org/man/Notch_Filter

If they are censor bleeps or spoiler bleeps they replace the sound which was there,
removing the bleeps won’t reveal the sound they were designed to mask.

Thanks for the info guys, needed some info on noise reduction :slight_smile:

See these two links:

In the manual:

an on the Audacity wiki:

Aren’t those the beeps that the law requires you to put into recorded telephone conversations? Koz