Putting music onto a cassette

Hello! I am struggling to figure out how to put music, from my computer onto a cassette. All tutorials I have seen is from cassette to whatever. Was hoping for some advice or assistance please.
It is the super usb cassette capture from amazon.
When I go to recordings and look for the cassette’s usb drive thing, it is not there at all.

Those ($20) items are just cassette-players: like a Walkman.
They don’t record.

If you just want the imperfections that tape-cassette adds to sound,
there are cassette-emulation plugins which can work in Audacity, e.g. …
https://www.caelumaudio.com/CaelumAudio/?Page=TapeCassette2 [free]
SketchCassette II - Aberrant DSP [demo version is free]

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