Punch Copy Paste help for a beginner - where is it? I am lost

Hi. I am brand new to Audacity and in a rush as I was hired to narrate a book. I keep hearing how great punch copy paste is for overriding those breaths at the beginning of sentences. I cannot seem to find a download and have no idea how to install it. Can someone please please help? I am stuck and wasting so much time trying to find this.

Also, can someone point me to the best way to quickly learn the software? This book is due May 20th and I am only 15 minutes in and I did those before I got a microphone.





Good luck!

None of the links work. They say the are not valid. That is why I came on here, because none of the links work. :frowning: Thanks!

I don’t know why the links are not working, @LWinterberg , but until they are fixed, you can try these unofficial copies. :grinning:

PunchCopy.ny (9.8 KB)
PunchPaste.ny (6.2 KB)

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