Punch and Roll Distortion

As I have progressed I have learned that Punch and Roll is my friend. It has become part of the process and I am comfortable with it.

However, there are times when doing so produces a sort of “pop” sound at the start of the pickup. It can be heard in the redone audio, at the point where the new audio recording begins to fix the previous mistake.

What is the term for this? It takes up a good deal of time to hear the proper transition sounds, but also threatens to cut off some of the previous audio.

No matter where I start P&R, in the middle of room tone or just after a piece of narration, I potentially encounter that “pop”.

Any help would be appreciated. References to education are a great help as well.

Thank you! HAPPY NEW YEAR!

Cross-fade ~10ms, see … Clicks Appearing When Pasting Ambient Room Sound - #17 by Trebor

I’ll look into it. Although that is new to me. Is that a process outside of punch and roll, after the initial recording? What is causing these distortions?

Please post a short example in WAV format so that we can see what you are referring to. (see: https://forum.audacityteam.org/t/how-to-post-an-audio-sample/29851/1)

Will do. These mostly happen by accident, but I will provide when it happens next.

Not outside: there is cross-fade as part of punch …

cross-fade is part of punch-in.png

If you don’t cross-fade there can be a discontinuity at the join, causing a click or pop.

I think that thompsonhaire may be referring to Punch and Roll Record rather than “Punch Copy / Paste”.
If so, the problem may be that Latency correction needs to be set up more accurately (see: Punch and Roll Record - Audacity Manual)

Hello! I’m having this same issue - hearing a sort of pop sound at the site of the punch and roll splice. Were you able to figure this out? Any recommendations would be so appreciated, thank you!