Promblem with hearing what i record

Ok, so my i can record but NOT hear myself. I looked it up and followed the steps, NOW i get an error code -9997 error opening recording devise. i have NOT found out how to fit this, for when doing the instructions on the wiki, it did not work. I am getting very frustrated and dont like the fact i cant just email the people directly because this could be awhile before i get an answer, HOWEVER, i appreciate all who reply.

Hope to hear soon.


I looked it up and followed the steps

What “steps”?

Enable [u]Software playthrough of input[/u].

Make sure you’ve selected your regular soundcard/speakers/headphones as your [u]Playback Device[/u] and make sure the playback-volume slider is turned-up.

NOW i get an error code -9997 error opening recording devise.

What “device” are you recording? The microphone built-into your laptop? A USB turntable? Etc.?

i can record but NOT hear myself.

If you’re recording live speech, it may not do any good even if you could. Playthrough from Audacity is always late. You will always hear an echo or delay in the headphone signal by listening to the computer.

What you are intended to do is listen to the device or microphone system during a live performance. That sound will be in correct time with the performance and have no echo.


Thanks for the reply, I see I could have been more specific, haha.
I selected the sofware playthrough and made sure all the levels were up.
My recording set is a Aokeo and i use the USB attachment to my computer.


Model numbers? links? Are you monitoring through the same equipment?

and i use the USB attachment to my computer.

Are you still getting the -9997 error? Sorry, I don’t know what that code means. It might a a driver problem. Are there custom drivers for your setup? (Most USB audio devices use the Microsoft-supplied drivers.) There’s some more information about errors [u]here[/u] but it doesn’t say exactly what the codes mean.

Other than that… Can you hear it when you play back (in Audacity) after recording? Can you hear files played on Windows Media Player (with the same hardware connected)?

I’m having absolute recording catastrophes from not being able to monitor what I record. Is it really not possible to hear precisely what Audacity is recording in real time? Is that a big limitation or is it just me? We wasted 40 mins of recording while I was monitoring through the mixer and a game-ending disturbance was on the line between the mixer and laptop/Audacity. Anyone else need this feature or have a solution? Many thanks.

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