Project Rate Not Using 44100 HZ Is Incompatible For An MP3:

I have a DVD Player that can read a CD with MP3 files on it.
I had an MP3 file, that had the project rate recorded at 22050 HZ, and it was incompatible with my DVD player.
When the MP3 file is recorded at the project rate using 44100 HZ, then it is compatible with my DVD player.
So technically I record all my mp3 files using the 44100 HZ project rate, because it makes it a more compatible mp3 file.
It is like 44100 is the magic number for making an mp3 file.

Now the question is:
What causes the mp3 file to not be compatible if the project rate is not using 44100 HZ?
How does the project rate settings interfere with compatibilities?

it was incompatible with my DVD player.

Did you try a different MP3 compatible player, like maybe the one in your car if it’s new enough?

Yours or another computer will play it, right?


44100 is the sample rate for audio CDs, and these days it is the default sample rate for most good quality audio apart from video (video frequently uses 48000 Hz sample rate).
Most MP3 players will play MP3s that have any valid sample rate. If your DVD player will only play MP3s that have a sample rate of 44100, then that is just a limitation of your DVD player.

Thanks. Stand-alone DVD players can really be limited about playing a CD with MP3 files on it. I’ve been noticing that some stand-alone DVD players will either only play up to 150 MP3 songs or 199 MP3 songs on a CD. My CD/DVD-Rom drive on my computer is not very picky about playing MP3s like my stand-alone DVD player is.