Project Rate Hz of imported tracks

I use a HP Pavilion laptop with Windows 10, Audacity 3.1.3

A new-ish issue I have to keep an eye out. I start a new project using Project Rate set to 44100 Hz and import tracks from different or the same source and some load at 44100 and some at 48000, which will cause issues later on when trying to mix/render if I’ve not noticed it. I then have to copy/paste onto the an new blank track set at 44100. If I just change the rate of the track from 48000 to 44100, it alters the speed/tone/length of the track.

This never used to be an issue, only noticed it so using 3.1.3

Can anyone advise how to ensure imported tracks load onto my preferred project rate? I’ve tried inspecting the date source, but most seem not to show what Hz rate they are, let alone give an option to change it, until its on Audacity.

It’s been an issue for very many years. I didn’t notice it for a long while as I nearly always work with files that have a sample rate of 44100 Hz.

It is caused by a feature (that I’ve never liked): When importing an audio file into an empty project, Audacity’s “Project Rate” (lower left corner of the main window) is automatically set to the sample rate of the audio file.

Note that the “Project Rate” sets the sample rate for playback, recording, and exporting.

The solution is:

  1. Import your file(s)
  2. Ensure that the “Project Rate” is as you want it (click on it to change if when required).

Do not change the sample rates in the track dropdown menu - doing so will cause the track to play at the wrong speed.

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