Project Rate and imported file rate forces itself to one i used previously

I was playing around with compressing mp3 files by increasing refresh rate from 44kHz/48 to 96kHz imported file, but now audacity stupidly forces every time in its default form to apparently be this even tho its actually not and it just says so in the ui, and when i try to change it back it just makes the file longer. How to fix it so it works like before i exported the file i wanted to sped up this way?

I am on 3.2.3 version.

With the newer version, some things have changed in the exporting.

Normally, when you import a file the sample rate doesn’t change. It can change when export it, depending on your Project Settings, or your Export settings.

Sample rate (kHz) is different from bitrate (kbps)

With compressed files, the compression (file size) is determined by the bitrate. (Lower bitrate = more compression = smaller files. And with lossy compression like MP3, possibly lower quality.)

Uncompressed files also have a bitrate which can be easily calculated, but we usually only “talk about” bitrate with compressed files.

kbps is kilobits per second. There are 8-bits in a byte so you can divide by 8 to get the file size in kilobytes per second.

If you are using VBR (variable bitrate) you might get a slightly higher bitrate (slightly bigger file) if you start with a 48kHz file, compared to a 44.1kHz file. If you choose CBR (constant bitrate) or ABR (average bitrate) you are determining the bitrate in advance.

MP3 doesn’t support 96kHz.

I am aware its not, i am actually keeping the bitrate the same but making the file faster/shorter. It’s technique i am using to get music into Warcraft 3 map, as it has pitch control in its map editor that can slow down the file to normal speed in it and ingame.

i wanted to toy around with it more to see it i can find some happier medium as oppossed to going to 96khz rate, but now i cannot because audacity is considering every track i add to be 96000hz 32-bit float etc.

And i dont know how to make it stop doing that.
Default rate is still what it was prior in the setings, but it seems to just ignore it.

EDIT: i think i found the reason. I accidentally overwritten the original file i used, saved as WAV and it got stuck at 96kHZ, and imported as such without getting shortened.

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