Project is corrupt (Unable to work with blockfiles) Windows

Just like the title says, this is the error I’m getting. I NEED this file back. Hours of work went into it and I need to be able to access it. Hoping someone can help me out here.

My problem details are as follows:

“timestamp”: 1707503749,
“event_id”: “86896f203344144b8e5c74df287ca8fb”,
“platform”: “native”,
“release”: “audacity@3.4.2”,
“contexts”: {
“os”: {
“type”: “os”,
“name”: “Windows”,
“version”: “10.0.16299”
“exception”: {
“values”: [
“type”: “Error_Opening_Project”,
“value”: “Project is corrupt\n(Unable to work with the blockfiles)”,
“mechanism”: {
“type”: “runtime_error”,
“handled”: false,
“data”: {
“sqlite3.query”: “DELETE FROM sampleblocks WHERE NOT inset(blockid);”,
“sqlite3.rc”: “11”,
“sqlite3.context”: “ProjectGileIO::GetBlob”,
“log”: “13:35:37: Error: Error saving user configuration data.\n13:35:44: sqlite3 message: (1) no such table: project in "SELECT 1 FROM project LIMIT 1;"\n13:35:45: Loaded 342 string Kb in size\n13:35:49: sqlite3 message: (11) database corruption at line 71416 of [1b256d97b5]\n13:35:49: sqlite3 message: (11) statement aborts at 8: [DELETE FROM sampleblocks WHERE NOT inset(blockid);] database disk image is malformed\n13:35:49: DBConnection SetDBError\n\tErrorCode: 11\n\tLastError: Project is corrupt\n(Unable to work with the blockfiles)\n\tLibraryError: database disk image is malformed\n”

Trying to use the tool found here but it’s not working because my computer is rather old. Can someone please please PLEASE help me with this? :sob::sob::sob:

Hmm… Do you get an error message saying your computer is rather old ?

Note that Mac users are asked to find a friend with a Windows computer . Perhaps that solution could be used for those with a “rather old computer” ?

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