Project file size is too big

I created a project, saved the file (say, as v001) and then performed some operations, like amplify, and fade in and out. Then I saved this as a v002.
The first file (v001) is 250 mg, the second one (v002) is 5 GIGs and a half.

I “suppose” it’s because of the History of what I did but, why, when opening the v002, the History is empty, even though the file still weight 5 GIGs?
Is there any ways to get rid of this? (I save versions, I don’t want to keep this History)

I tried what someone suggested, that is: select all, copy, create new project, paste and select “do not copy smart clip”. First of all, I do not get a popup giving me the opportunity to “not copy smart clip” AND, the option in Preferences: “Ask me each time” IS checked. The project file is still huge.

Anyone can help me with this? How can I get ride of the History (well, funny thing is, there is no History and the file is still huge) and regain small size project files?

Oh and I just updated Audacity 30m ago (in case someone tells me that the recent version has corrected this)



Do you still have the first (v001) version?

If you do, make a backup copy of it, then try applying the same operations and see if it does it again. Make a note (pen and paper) of each operation as you go, and check the project size each time.

Is there a particular operation that causes the bloat?

When you close the project, the project size should go down as the undo history is removed from the project. If there is a lot of undo data, it could take several minutes for the undo data to be properly removed (you may see a message saying “Compacting” or something similar while this is happening).