Project file overwritten, possible to recover it?

Well, it sounds stupid but it is true. I just overwrote an old project when creating a new one. I though the old one was a testing one but it turns out wrong. So any chance to recover the files?

Can we assume you don’t do periodic backups of your machine?

Doesn’t Windows 10 have a “Step Back” thing which can bring your machine back to a former point in time?

In Windows you used to be able to buy an UNDELETE program and possibly have some success bringing an accidental deletion back that way. Linux and Macs start re-using “free” storage immediately but Windows waits a while before actually stepping on and squashing old work.

You should probably stop using the machine until you resolve this. Each time you use any app, it reduces the possibility of success.


recorded over win10 file by accident

That’s the Google search term.

I’m guessing. I’m not a Windows elf.


To be honest, Windows backup & restore really sucks. I tried it several months ago and abandoned it. I also searched the files in my manual backup. but they are not there.