Project file of Audacity Windows ver 2.4.2 vs. 3.0.2


I upgraded Windows Audacity from version 2.4.2 to 3.0.2, and have two questions on the project files saved by these two versions.

(1) Audacity version 3.0.2 project file is saved as *.aup3 while version 2.4.2’s project file is *.aup. Why does 3.0.2 use different project file extension?
(2) Project file size of Audacity 3.0.2 is much larger than 2.4.2’s (87 MB vs. 160 KB) for the same project. Why they have such big difference?

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Audacity 2.4.2’s project.aup file did not contain your audio. Instead it contained pointers to files contained within a project_data directory.

For more information, see Audacity 3.0.0 Released and Completed: Proposal Unitary Project

See the answer to your first question.

Thanks for the info.