Project destroyed by project recovery

I have a consistent problem where Audacity quits when I try to listen back to a project containing two different audio files. I’ve worked around that problem by saving one audio file before trying to mix it with another and listen back. Of course, Audacity quit on me again as I worked this evening, but luckily (I thought) I saved the audio files before attempting to mix. After Audacity quit on me, I reopened one of the original .aup files. I was prompted to recover one or both of the two projects that had been open when Audacity quit. I told it to recover one, not the other. Audacity then recovered both, showing me a project with zero audio. I’ve lost hours worth of work because Audacity attempted to recover a project I didn’t ask it to recover and then apparently destroyed the project in the process. On the verge of never touching Audacity again. Is it possible to reconstruct the .aup file from the _data folder with .au files?

See: Recovering corrupted projects in legacy Audacity versions - Audacity Support (This is for 2.4.2 and older Audacity project files and the associated _data folders)

For newer 3.0.0 and newer Audacity .aup3 project files, see: Corrupt or Otherwise Broken Audacity Project Recovery

It looks like this only recovers unedited audio. I spent hours making hundreds of small edits.

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