Project crashes when I hit "play," and some recordings play back sloooow

First of all, thank you for a super cool free program!

MacOS SIerra 10.12.6
Audacity 2.4.1

I experienced this problem in the last version of Audacity, after updating to this version have continued to experience it. If my clicking gets “busy” (lots of it) the program will crash. If I am using the envelope tool, and then press “play” immediately after, the program will crash. Sometimes it will crash after I save, then press play. After relaunching the program I see the “Warning- Orphan block files.” I have tried both continuing without deleting, and choosing to delete the files.

At the same time, when I click “record” and a new track automatically adds and begins recording, it will only play back at a normal speed sometimes. Other times, while it is recording, I notice the waves moving ahead of the red cursor. Those are the instances that when I hit “play” my voice is extremely slow. It seems random and both happen during the same work session.

Perhaps worth noting:
When I first started doing projects, I deleted all the data folders next to the .aup. After freaking out when the .aup weren’t loading, I researched and saw they need the data right next to them. Thankfully, I had converted the projects to mp3 so now I open a new audacity project, and drag the mp3 in. Then I drag in an mp3 of a song I purchased royalty-free, and record additional vocal tracks (I use the program for podcasting). It will often crash once I have more than 1 track of the song (I use the song multiple times).

My sincere gratitude for your time on this matter!
Screen Shot 2020-07-02 at 5.01.30 PM.png

I’m not able to reproduce this problem. Can you provide precise steps that will reliably produce the crash?

Thanks for getting back to me Steve!

(leaves this browser open as I start working on the project)

opens Audacity… opens recent file- “Ryan Lawrence Podcast”… click “okay, continue without deleting” at popup saying “Warning- Orphan Files”… Delete vocal recording track that was super slow… Remaining 4 tracks are currently muted… Plugs in a cheap gaming headset from Nubwo into macbook pro… red record button and does show intro… Sees red cursor falling behind the purple sound wave things… stops, back to start, hit play to see if it’s slow again, yes, vocals extremely slow and deep. The main mp3 track with the interview is at 32000Hz. The mp3 of the song I use is at 44100Hz. Both sound normal when played next to each other. Clicking the dropdown after highlighting does let me change it to a different Hz. I highlight newly recorded (slow) audio tract, go to dropdown, change to 32000Hz. Is possibly (sounded that way at least) a little faster than what it was when I first recorded it. Delete track. Hit record, realize I have no way to reference the speed of what I’m saying. Delete the new track that formed. Got out my stopwatch, planning to say “one, two, three” along with the time. Hit “record” then… “audacity quit unexpectedly

How does the headset connect to the computer? USB? Bluetooth? Mini-jacks?

This rings a bell. Do you use the toolbar on the bottom of the screen? Does yours pop up when you scroll to the bottom so you can pick an application? You don’t have to do it that way. You can leave it visible at all times or I think you can put it on the side of the screen. Most people just leave it down there and make it pop up when they need it.

Screen Shot 2020-07-03 at 20.15.44.png
See the little light under Finder and FireFox, but not under Safari or Image Capture (camera icon)? These lights change with the Mac version, but you get the idea. One of the Macs uses little black arrows. How many lights or arrows do you have?


It connects with a typical audio cable jack and which runs directly into the headset. Like what you could plug into a cassette deck back in the day :wink: !

Thanks for replying Koz! My toolbar is pretty full (and visible at all times), so I did not add audacity to it. I have been going to finder > applications > Audacity in order to open it. When audcacity opens, then it is present at the very end of my toolbar with a black dot underneath it. I currently have a black dot under firefox, messenger, and audacity

See if it makes any difference if you connect the headset before launching Audacity.